AvEwerkz ruler no.2, the Jeezlus thing
Apr 28, 2017
1 minute read

The second AvE Welder’s ruler ordered from AvEwerkz has appeared in my mailbox. Taking a look at the included parts and having a laugh at the what not to do vidjayo explains the extra components.

  • 2x lenses
  • 2x LED
  • Switch
  • Battery holder
  • Magnet

Taking a lesson from my own past experience, this time I decided not to pre-tin all the contact pads. However in order for the negative side of the battery to make proper contact, a dab of solder on the contact pad is required.

Next the battery holder and what will make contact to the positive side of the battery is soldered in place.

For the switch each contact is soldered in place.

Up next is the LED. Making use of the installed battery and switch, test for proper orientation before soldering it in place.

It still works!

Now for the glue up, the lens is glued in place with super glue.

And finally the magnet also gets a dab of glue to hold it in place.

If nothing bursts into flames or is dissolved by the glue, a couple of spare parts will be left over for the parts bin!