AvEwerkz ruler no.1, le assemblage requis
Nov 28, 2016
1 minute read

AvE of youtube fame has toiled into the wee hours and for what? To send me of all people a lumpy envelope crammed with gizmos all of which must be affixed to a measuring device of yesteryear.

What I found contained within.

The Parts

Going off the rails almost immediately and completely ignoring the instructional vidjayo*, I went ahead and tinned each solder pad. I’d later regret this decision as it made it harder to get the components to sit level.

I soldered the battery holder and the switch. By soldering these two first, I can simply install a battery and test the LED to see which way it should be oriented.

Next came the LED, paying careful attention to the orientation.

To finalize the build the magnet was glued in. Just a dab will do yah.

Will it chooch*, yes it will!


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  2. https://www.avespeak.com/index.php?title=Chooch